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Unsettled Weather in the West; Severe Storms in the Mid-South

Cold air building into the West this week will support continued unsettled weather with low elevation rain and mountain snow. Further east, a few severe thunderstorms including a potential for hail and wind damage, and a tornado or two will be possible over the Tennessee Valley and southern Appalachians Tuesday. Read More >

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Last Map Update: Tue, Mar. 24, 2020 at 1:43:33 am CDT

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National Weather Service Tulsa, OK
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Some strong to severe storms are possible tonight into early Tuesday across portions of Oklahoma.
Chances for showers and storms return this evening and continue into early Tuesday. Severe storms will be possible. The highest chances will be across northern Oklahoma.
Rain and storms will be possible late in the week. Temperatures will generally warm through midweek, then cool into the weekend.
Warming trend will continue into midweek, then a cooling trend into the weekend.

 Current Weather Observations...
Location Time
Weather Vsby.
Wind Chill / Heat Index
Oklahoma City, OK00:52Mist66060100SSE 15G23-29.82
Stillwater, OK23:53Overcast9585486E 8-29.90
Lawton, OK00:53Mist5646189SE 14-29.82
Wichita Falls, TX01:03Partly Cloudy46363100SE 10-29.82
Ponca City, OK01:05Overcast10565286E 17-29.87
Enid, OK00:56Overcast10535286E 10-29.83
Alva, OK01:15Mist3/45353100ENE 14-29.84
Woodward, OK01:15Rain \ Lightning Observed1/25353100NE 7-29.85
Gage, OK01:09Mist \ Lightning Observed4565493NE 9-29.81
Watonga, OK01:15Mist4595898ESE 8-29.82
Clinton, OK01:14Mist1 3/4626196S 21G30-29.78
Weatherford, OK01:15Mist3/46060100S 15G25-29.78
Hobart, OK00:53Mist4656393S 17G24-29.80
Altus, OK01:15Mist4666391SSE 14G24-29.82
Frederick, OK01:07Mist5646396SE 16-29.78
Ardmore, OK01:15Mist1 1/26060100ESE 7-29.87
Ada, OK01:15Light Drizzle1/25757100SSE 13G18-29.88
Shawnee, OK01:15Mist2 1/25757100SSE 10-29.85

Local Weather History For March 24th...
On this day in 2002, several supercell thunderstorms developed during
the evening hours, along and just behind a strong cold front. Very
large hail and damaging wind gusts accompanied the storms, with some
hail the size of baseballs. The hardest it areas were central parts
of Oklahoma, especially the towns of Tuttle and Shawnee.

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