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Rounds of showers and storms this weekend will lead to accumulations of 1-3 inches this weekend with isolated amounts up to 4 inches. After this weekend, additional chances for rain will only add to these totals and could raise concerns for flooding heading into the early part of next week.
Isolated strong to severe storms possible this evening out along the Rio Grande and northwestern Hill Country. Main threats include strong winds and 1 inch hail.
Mostly cloudy skies with warm and muggy conditions tonight. An isolated strong storm could make it across the Rio Grande this evening out west but any storm activity will decrease heading into the overnight hours.
A series of upper level disturbances will begin to produce thunderstorm chances starting on Saturday evening and running through Wednesday as an upper low moves slowly towards Texas and then stalls over the area. As of right now, the heaviest rainfall and most widespread thunderstorms are expected late Saturday night into Sunday with additional rounds possible on Monday night and Tuesday, however this may change. By Tuesday evening, 3-6" of rain are possible over much of our area with locally higher amounts not out of the question. This could lead to some localized flooding impacts. With cloud cover in place afternoon highs will remain in the 80s to near 90 degrees with overnight lows around 70, cooler over the Hill Country.




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